Symbiosis food For Life Kratky Box’s


Each Kratky Box contains:
Bag of Gravel,
Plant Food
Net pots
Kratky Box’s Non circulating system Benefits:

Water conservation
Can be left whiles on holiday
No Digging
No Bending down as you can place them at a suitable height. (Ideal for wheel chair gardeners)
Stack-able for staring after growing season.
Can be placed in a conservatory or green house for prolonged growing.
No pesticides
No Weeds
No Moving Parts
No Pumps
No Electricity

For every two Kratky Box’s Sold, Symbiosis Food For Life will Donate one Box to a primary school in the Caribbean. We aim to donate 40 box’s per school.
Educating children from an early age. Growing there own and conserving water, is possible.

School Donations Up date will be posted on

Errol on Tel.: 07403 428619

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