Urban Farms for Urban Schools

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) Department of School Nutrition Services recently partnered with Growing Power, Inc., the last remaining farm within the city of Milwaukee. Growing Power is now supplying fresh produce for MPS students and staff to enjoy throughout the school year. This unique farm-to-school collaboration is part of ongoing efforts to reduce childhood obesity and improve the nutrition, health, and wellness of MPS schoolchildren.

H2O Farm on BBC’s Countryfile

H2O FARM were very excited to be featured on Countryfile 15th January 2012. We had welcomed Adam Henson and the Countryfile team to our facility at the Spanish bit riding school in Dorney prior to Christmas to film the piece and the system looked fantastic on the TV. Adam took a keen interest in the concept of reliably producing tons of high quality fresh fodder every day and we explained the entire process along with actually showing him how we harvested and re-seeded the system.

“I really enjoyed meeting Adam and taking part in the piece for countryfile” commented Howard Campion Director of H2O FARM. “The whole process was very interesting with filming taking over 4 hours and covering everything about the system and the value of the feed. Seeing his bulls devour the fresh fodder on prime time TV was a highlight of the 5 minute feature and we have already received numerous enquiries with regard to the hydroponic system”.

Fodder solutions : feed solutions for horses

With a ration of fresh hydroponic barley grass, maximum performance is achieved on less protein due to better assimilation and digestibility of its daily feed. Horses will generally eat between 11 – 22lb of sprouts per day, depending on the horses daily workload.

Based on feedback from the systems in use at horse studs, spelling complexes, riding schools and pleasure horse owners we can confidently say that you can feed a horse for less than $1.00/day using the fodder solutions system. The figures speak for themselves! Not only do you save money on your feed bills with the fodder solutions system but there is also the added savings of healthier horses and no more vet bills!

See http://www.foddersolutions.net or http://www.foddersolutions.org for more information. don’t forget to watch Part 2 of this video.

Barley Fodder Grow Room Procedures – Step by Step through the Daily Task

At Paca Pride Guest Ranch, we’re feeding our herd fresh micro-greens every day over the winter! We produce 50lbs of fresh barley fodder daily in a space that’s 4’D x 7’W x 6’H.

This video is a step-by-step walkthrough of our daily tasks: harvesting the fodder mats, spreading the next batch of pre-soaked barley grain seeds, and preparing the next day’s batch for soaking.

On a typical day this takes about 20 minutes.

For answers to the most commonly asked questions about Barley Fodder or, our Fodder Room operation, please check out the companion articles on our blog:



For more information about Diatomaceous Earth mentioned as top-dressing at the end of the video, check out:

Consultation and Support for DIY fodder room operations or troubleshooting is available from Paca Pride Guest Ranch. Contact information is on our website at:


Paca Pride Guest Ranch is open year round along the Mountain Loop Hwy for guests and campers.

AgriHouse Air Foods – aeroponic organic food production

Discovery Channel interview (aired January 15th &16th 2009) with Rick Stoner, Founder and President of AgriHouse Inc. Includes tour of the Air-Foods facility in Denver, Colorado. Rick discusses wheat and the impact that aeroponics can have world food production. visit www.agrihouse.com and Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/aeroponicsman

Barley sprout superfood for livestock

Uploaded on 25 Jul 2009 Marcel Moise grows barley sprouts as a superfood for his beef cattle year round in a greenhouse. The cattle provide the warm, carbon dioxide and methane to grow vigorous sprouts, and the sprouts are a nutrient rich (better than grain, better than hay) food for the cattle. If you have questions about the system, you can email Marcel Moise’s daughter: [email protected]