Symbiosis food for life Project is designed to encourage people to grow fish and vegetables in their own back gardens using a symbiotic growing method of Aquaponics, which is a combination of growing plants in water, (hydroponics) and the fish providing the nutrients for plants to grow within water (Aquaponics). An organic, and sustainable close loop system with incredible versatility.

The aim is to encourage council’s, college’s, schools up and down the country to adopt this growing system intern educating and hopefully encouraging our young people about this type of symbiotic organic farming.

Aquaponic growers club

symbiosis food for life Project would like to also encourage local authority, tenants, nursing homes, warden assisted homes, and in particular inner cities private home gardens. By way of introducing the symbiosis food for life Aquaponic growers club, where members can keep a growing record blog, that would contribute to a overall produce record.

Aquaponic Club

We have also put up a reference video website. if you cannot find what your looking for, just type it in the search.

Symbiosis Food For Life Tube