Symbiosis Food For Life mission and objectives.

The aims and objectives of Symbiosis Food For Life is to introduce hydroponics and aquaponics to as many primary schools throughout the UK and the Caribbean islands as we can. With our Grow in Water Project

Symbiosis Food For Life mission is to educate our children about the necessity of growing food locally, and provide them with ways off food production that are sustainable for anyone, young or old.

This can be best demonstrated by Aquaponics, a growing system that has always been with us from the beginning of time.

Lakes & rivers form a artery network providing water to the soil, and is replenished when it rains. giving all areas of rainfall valuable water.

The next time you take a walk alongside a river bank take a look at the thriving natural vegetation surrounding the banks, look at the lush trees.

This is Aquaponics at work without human intervention.

The fish and living organisms living in the river, produce waste, witch is the vital fertilizer for plants, through there root system, suck up this fertilizer that produce vital food for the riverbank vegetation to survive. Intern, the surrounding trees and plants clear the water from the fish waist providing them with clean fresh water, and the recycling rotation continues to providing a natural symbiosis food for life relationship,

Our objectives:

Is to provide a cheap fully functioning Aquaponics demonstration unit, that can be distributed as a simple self assembly unit. Complete with growing media, pump system and a selection of seeds, the only thing left to add is the water and fish. (Goldfish are ideal for these units).

Our mission:

Now we have a  Aquaponics demonstration units ready for distribution, Symbiosis Food For Life would will now be  looking for partners and funding, to enable us to distribute to as many primary schools up and down the country as possible.

These units will produce, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, chives and herbs. The units will be bringing the farm to the children, and stimulating their interest in agriculture.

These units could be placed almost anywhere even inside providing there is sufficient natural light. So whether it’s an inner-city or an urban school these Aquaponic units would be suitable.

inspiring young farmers through teaching sustainable growing methods using aquaponics: the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics.
(with kind permission and collaboration from the quantum Institute).