How To Grow Morel Mushrooms

YourProduceGuy shows you how to make a Morel Mushroom Habitat. Morel Mushrooms are a delicacy that people will go out into the woods to hunt for. A lot of pe…





  1. Agreed. We are guessing that the mushrooms sought the moisture in the lawn
    and that’s why they moved out of the box. I also had a great comment about
    using cardboard under the topcoat of chips or straw. I’m anxious to see
    what happens this year, and when it does I will be sure to share it.

  2. morels spread by wind and tree roots. so a totally inclosed box is wrong.
    always leave at least 1 side open. when looking for morels in the wild.
    look for open grassy areas on the edge of tree lines. railroad trax.
    unmowed lawns. edgs of popal stands. were a burn took place the year
    before. around were lots of dead branches fallen. east and north sides of
    clearings and fences. sawdust areas where a big oak or fore mentioned tree
    was cut down. each single morel produces between 3 thousand and 50 thousand
    spores. only about 4-12% of these spores are mature and will grow within
    1-3 years of release. herbasides and pestasides are poisonous to morels. so
    is manure. thats why they dont grow near farm fields. so far the only 2
    manures i found to not kill and wipe out an entire morel patch is rabbit
    and deer manure in small amounts. turkeys and slugs love morels and do the
    most damage to patches. however they do not destroy them. only eat them.

  3. I love those suggestions! Wow. That could be very fun and little scary.
    I need to think on that for a bit and see how I can work that. I have,
    since last year, buried some wood pieces in the box for more natural
    habitat for the ‘shrooms. We will see what happens with that. Thanks for
    the awesome input!

  4. a simple wood board. 6-10 inches tall. 1/2 inch to an inch thick. standing
    up on its side with a steak on each end to secure it upright. placed long
    ways north and south. in a less traveled part of the yard. is a firm base
    for a morel bed start. sprinkle ashes from one of the trees previously
    stated. then dump morel rinse water on east side of board. do this every
    year. within 1-3 years morels will start to grow. regrowing in same area
    each year after. as most spores take 2-3 years to grow and form a morel.
    some have sprouted same year spore water was dumped. this is very rare.

  5. I recently started a morel habitat in my yard. I didn’t build the box,
    rather…I tilled and prepared a 5′ x 15′ area directly in the dirt. My
    question revolves around your comment about not adding citrus. I’ve begun
    to add table-scraps, and I’m afraid I’ve already added some orange peels.
    Have I damaged my soil?? Is it already too late?

  6. I like to say I like watching your videos but you got to do something about
    your audio recording. When you pronunciate your s its almost piercing on
    the ear drums.

  7. Definitely need to try growing some morels. Used to pick them wild around
    Lawrence, Kansas, so I know they taste wonderful and you make it look so
    For your own safety you really should not carry screws or nails in your
    front pockets. It is very dangerous.However really loved the box!

  8. You made it way too hard on yourself here and I know for a fact this didn’t
    work out for you. You should of got fruit trees and planted them in your

  9. I love you videos! I find them very informative and entertaining. In the
    video you state that you are going to feed the mushroom box with kitchen
    scraps. I would LOVE to see a video of you feeding the mushroom bed. Do
    you just heap it on top? Dig it in? How do you feed the mushrooms?

  10. sorry your produce guy. but i dont agree nore condone your morel patch
    video. sorry i just cant support bad advice. nice attempt though.

  11. looks good man, and great video, but id like to point out, if you do not
    already know, or at least i think i know. your are very very red, and
    meaning in a super high blood pressure way, or ya eat far to many carrots
    maybe lol, sorry just couldnt help but saying something.

  12. If you have an oak tree, all you have to do is start adding compost tea and
    liquid fish ferts(specifically I use neptunes harvest liquid fish & kelp)
    to the lawn around the tree. the year after you start doing this morels
    start showing up. We went from 0 last year to 12 this year. I will let you
    know how many there are this fall, and next year. I loved the video!

  13. mowing 1 week before morels are to sprout and then letting patch grow wild
    for following 30 days is best. in michigan morels start may 1st through
    june 1st each year. it veries from state to state. usually 3 nights and
    days of above 45 at night and 60 day after a rain is the earliest they will
    pop up. so watch the temps and weather. also grey dog wood bushes will be
    in bud but not yet blooming. if there in bloom season is about a week in

  14. For me it was a small first crop. Next Spring should be better. Spring is
    when they usually pop up. I have been concerned that I would do the same
    thing (mow them down) next Spring, so I will need to keep my eyes open!

  15. bugs and your morel bed. if your morel bed has lots of slugs, snails, and
    stink bugs, it is at risk. cure, red wood ants and mill bugs(rolly pollys)
    are a morel growers best friend. as they use this once a year morel season
    to make a nersery for there young. they both lay eggs in the morel. then
    foredge around the morel traveling in and out of it spreading any spores
    that stick to them. returning by the hundreds each year to the best
    patches. the ants also protect them from other predators. a healthy morel
    patch will always have high numbers of rolly pollies.

  16. golden morels. the pointed top black ones. grow best in tall grasses/weeds
    near pine trees. rounded top black morels look like whites but short and
    fat. grow best around large oaks. white morels or greys are grown best in
    sand around edges of popal stands in fields. giants or yellow morels grow
    best everywhere. there the all around beginner morel. there are 4 types of
    morels. all morels can be placed into one of the 4 groups.