growing glow in the dark mushrooms

here is me inoculating a log with panellus stipticus, a mushroom that is bioluminescent. it glows in the dark.…





  1. Hi I’ve been really interested in buying this kit but i was wondering if
    it’s ok to grow in an old log that has been cut and left on the ground or
    moist soil or mud? And about the old log what if I soak it in water to
    moisten it before hand? Thanx 🙂

  2. yeah im sorry about that. i actually do have a part 2. But regretfully… i
    do not have video of it glowing. my camera does not support such low light

  3. sure no prob 🙂 you dont have to water it, but often its good to heavily
    mist it as if it rained. i keep mine in a sealed container and only open it
    like once a week. inside the container i have my logs suspended above
    water(the water is not that clean at all actually) im sure that you could
    get really goo results with a clean terrarium that had misting/humidity
    controlled electronically. and i have only had to ‘feed’ them a total of 3
    logs the same size as what is in the video

  4. If you google “glowing plants” you’ll see a group trying to bio engineer
    glowing plants. They plan to have it out by next year. You can find them on
    kick starter. :]

  5. Your Carnivorous plants need to be in much wetter soil. Mix that with sand
    and soak it and remove the lid. In the wild they can take floodings for
    several days to a week or more. In cultivation keep them wet.The soil
    should never be dry ontop.

  6. Ok, so I will fire more stupid questions : ) . Do I need to water the
    mushroom? Do they need sun or I should always keep them in pitch black? Do
    you use a close terrarium with humidity regulator? How often do you spreed
    the mushroom on a new log? Thank you : )

  7. no problem:) im glad someone is interested— And actually they are still
    alive, i layed the piece of wood ontop of a new log and the mushrooms
    spread onto it. obviously the hyphae first, but then it started sprouting
    the shrooms

  8. i just use the box in my video, thats it! partial sun is good, as it keeps
    it humid and warmer. but not direct hot sun. darkness is okay if your in a
    boiler room or something thats nice and warm. keep me updated! 🙂