The 100 Day Project: Food

Day 12 - Figs - 100 Day Project- Rebecca Gerendasy

Day 12: Figs

I recently joined a group on Instagram who are creating something everyday for 100 days, fittingly called The 100 Day Project. I’ll be posting my “day 15” drawing later today. Everyone chooses some type of action, mine is drawing, (some choose to volunteer for a 100 days or create a food recipe, etc.) and use a relevant hashtag that describes what’s being done. I’ve decided to draw food-related items and use the hashtag #100daysoffoodbyrgerendasy.

Here are a few examples so far:

Day 14- Bittersweet Fruit - 100 Day Project - Rebecca Gerendasy

Day 14: Bittersweet Fruit

Day 4 - Walnut - 100 Day project - Rebecca Gerendasy

Day 4: Walnut

Day 10 Avocado - 100 Day Project - Rebecca Gerendasy

Day 10: Avocado

Elle Luna and a friend decided to start the annual project on Instagram in 2014. It was inspired by a workshop that Michael Bierut led at the Yale School of Art.

Day 2 -Ritz Crackers - 100 Day Project - Rebecca Gerendasy

Day 2: Ritz Crackers

If you use Instagram and would like to see what evolves during the next 85 days, please check out my page: @rgerendasy.

Thanks for joining me on my creative journey – here or there! Have an idea for a food-related item for me to draw? Just let me know. 🙂